Renaud Feraoun

French-Algerian expatriate with a dubious past


Investigative Abilities

Human Terrain 1
Languages 2 (French, Spanish, English, Arabic, various Northwest African tribal dialects)
Military Science 1
Vampirology 1
Bullshit Detector 1
Bureaucracy 1
Cop Talk 1
Flirting 1
Interrogation 3
Intimidation 2
Negotiation 2
Reassurance 2
Streetwise 2
Tradecraft 1
Electronic Surveillance 1
Notice 1
Outdoor Survival 1
Urban Survival 2

General Abilities

Athletics 10
Conceal 5
Cover 10
Disguise 4
Driving 2
Explosive Devices 2
Filtch 3
Hand-to-Hand 1
Infiltration 2
Medic 2
Network 15
Preparedness 2
Sense Trouble 6
Shooting 8
Surveillance 15 (M.O.S.)
Weapons 3
Stability 10
Health 10

Renaud was born in the Algerian/Tunisian/Turkish ethnic slums of Marseille. He never knew his French father. His Tunisian mother was a mule for the Marseille underworld, moving drugs and other illicit goods back and forth between Tunisia and France. At the age of 12 Renaud was already working for the gangs as a mule and watcher. Renaud’s intelligence and quick wit got him promoted up to various face-time activities including negotiator during drug and weapon deals.

As might be expected Renaud ran afoul of French law many times, but managed to avoid any felony convictions after turning 18. Renaud began working multiple sides of the fence by the time he was 19, serving as an informant and dealer for the corrupt Marseille police, and a negotiator and watcher for the Tunis-Marseille criminal syndicates. Some of these gangs dealt in pretty strange stuff, importing goods used in the rituals of satanic cults chased out of Islamic states centuries ago, but springing back up in the EU underworld. Apparently there were some high level people in both the drug cartels and Marseille city government participating in this trade, sometimes as fellow-travelers or even practitioners, including most notably the Marseille Government Prefect in charge of security.

Eventually Renaud got his wires crossed during negotiations between the police, cultists and drug gangs and had to flee the city, ultimately escaping into the French Foreign Legion at the age of 21 where he served for 6 years. Renaud participated in EUFOR Tchad/RCA in 2008 and Operation Serval in Northern Mali in early 2013. By 2013 Renaud was commissioned as a Sous-Lieutenant engaged exclusively in surveillance and interrogation activity, also handling a small team of 3 Mali locals. While on a surveillance mission in the south, Renaud was betrayed to a local secret cult by one of his Mali team and barely escaped sacrifice to a black obsidian idol out of pre-historic nightmare. During his escape Renaud killed nine local ‘civilians’ (aka bloodthirsty cultists). Unfortunately Renaud was ID’d during these events and the news made its way back to FFL headquarters in the North.

Renaud fled through the wilds of western Africa and somehow made it to Mauritania. From the port capital of Nouakchott Renaud caught a tramp steamer which ended up in the United States city of Freeport Texas, eventually making his way to Austin where he survives off the grid and under the radar of normal society. Renaud is pursued by the horrors of his past, not really understanding how he keeps getting pulled back into the shadowy world of the occult lurking everywhere just beneath the facade of normal life.

Renaud Feraoun

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