Room at the Top - A Night's Black Agents Campaign.

Night's Black Agents: Session 1

Starting at the Bottom

Having taken positions as part of a newly formed FBI task force our heros Bob from Human Resources, Nadya Nikulitsa and Kiyoko Ishida are assigned to investigate a surge in amount of drugs flowing into Austin. They are informed by their FBI handler, Special Agent Wilkins, that the FBI believes that a man known only as Valkyrie is behind the increased drug trade.

Their investigation leads them to the street gang known as East Side Souljas who are selling the incoming drugs. After investigating several of the Souljas know hideouts (including one incident that ended up with Kiyoko Ishida hiding in a dumpster and having bundles of drugs and money thrown on top of her.) the team traces the drugs to a eastside warehouse complex owned (through a network of shell corporations) by Sue Edwards the Austin assistant city manager.

Leaving Sue on the back burner for now the agents stake out the complex while Bob from Human Resources disguises himself as “Pancho Bob” and enters the complex pretending to be a gang member. Inside the warehouse complex, Bob found three separate large warehouses surrounding a central courtyard. In the left most building Bob found storage for a large amount of drugs and money. On top of this building is a hastily built and reinforced helicopter landing pad. The middle warehouse contained sleeping bunks, showers and a kitchen and mess hall for a large number of people, many more than the number of gang member present on site. The final building housed what appeared to be a catholic chapel in which several of the gang members were praying. Bob places audio and video bugs in several spots around the complex, including the landing pad and the chapel.

As the sun sets a large number of homeless started filing into the complex. Naydia seized upon the opportunity to disguise herself as a homeless woman and enter the complex. She finds the homeless being fed and cared for by a number of nuns. Naydia talks with some of the nuns and learns that they all seem to speak Russian and/or related languages as well as English. Retreating from a pushy nun who really wants Naydia to eat some soup Naydia finds herself following the flow of homeless toward the chapel. By this point Bob from Human Resources has already made his way into the chapel and is just hanging out. Kiyoko Ishida has infiltrated into the complex and is waiting near the back door of the chapel. Naydia takes her place among the worshipers as the service starts.

Nadya Nikulitsa had been informed by Bob that a few of the gang members were seen crossing themselves backwards and performing other odd perversions of catholic ceremony before the homeless started showing up. She decided to follow suit and see what happens. Nadya is snatched up after the service by the priest and several nuns and taken to a large back room that has strange symbols carved on the floor.

Valkyrie (Dragged to hell) enters the room and talks to nadya giving her a chance to join or die. She responds by flinging one of the molotov cocktails she had hidden on her person and setting two of the nuns alight. Valkyrie orders her killed and starts to walk away leaving nadya facing Father Martinez (Dead), Sister Maria (Dead) and several demonic nuns. That’s when Bob steps from the shadows and puts a high caliber pistol round into the back of Valkyrie’s head, temporarily stunning him. Noticing that the entry wound in rapiding healing and closing (big stability hit) Bob stuffs a small explosive device in there and Valkyrie’s head pops like a grape. The agents make a fighting escape from the warehouse complex and escape. As a final act they blow up the helicopter Valkyrie had arrived in using the bomb Bob had planted earlier.


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