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Night's Black Agents: Session 7

from frying pan to fire

  • Recap of events immediately preceding Session 7 (sessions 4?-6)

The ‘Delta Green’ special operations team flees the massive media fallout and serious heat following the crashing of a jetliner into a vampire-cattle rave in Austin Texas, incinerating over a hundred ‘potential’ and probably a few actual vampires in a furnace of destruction. The team is joined at their FBI safehouse in the border town of Neuvo Laredo by Renaud Feraoun, erstwhile mercenary intelligence officer on the run from West Africa, recently identified in Austin and recruited by Delta Green.

After sneaking out of town Nikulitsa boosts an old van and drives the team down highway 85 to Monterrey where Sue Edwards is running a suspicious factory operation for ‘The Watchman’. More or less as expected, Edwards transforms into a horrible vampiric harridan during the subsequent kidnapping attempt, but she is nonetheless captured in the resulting blood-drenched melee, or at least her vampiric head. From a Delta Green safehouse the team summons Nadya Kissin who brings with her certain materials and rituals required to permanently destroy Edwards’ vampiric remains. Kissin turns out to be an operative of ‘The Council’, a secret worldwide vampiric network. Renaud is unsuccessful in getting much useful information from the horrid talking head, even using the threat of Kissin’s dissolution ritual. Renaud’s casual flirtation with Kissin, while enjoyable, also yields nothing useful. However Kiyoko extracts some key information from Edwards phone.

Refusing Nitin’s offer of work from The Council and taking Edwards head with them the team drives back across the border and travels to Johnson Space Center near Houston Texas. A chaotic operation to enter the Center and intercept the ‘Watchman’ is quickly planned and executed. Bob (from Human Resources) is able to sneak explosives and Edwards disembodied head into the Center by disguising it as a wheelchair-bound paraplegic (a dummy stuffed with C4). Kiyoko and Nikulitsa pose as job applicants and take over the Center’s security office. Bob and Renaud (posing as Edwards’ caretakers) make it to the hanger where the ‘Watchmans’ private jet plane awaits. Unfortunately the ‘Watchman’ is not actually aboard, only his transmitted voice. With the plan blown, Bob rips off Edwards head and sets the timer on the explosive-packed dummy, then throws it under the plane. Bob tosses the vampire-head to Renaud who misses the catch…but the flying vampiric head latches on to Renaud’s shoulder with a savage vise-like bite. The agonized Renaud tears Edwards loose as he sprints for the hangar doors with Bob riding the wheelchair across the tarmac like a skateboard. A tremendous explosion destroys jet and hangar both, knocking Bob and Renaud flat. Renaud stashes Edwards head in a paint can and immediately exits the facility by melting into the panicked throng fleeing the chaos. Bob actually disguises himself as a first responder and manages to locate and retrieve the black box flight record from the shattered fuselage of the Watchman jet with Nikulitsa’s remote guidance. Bob throws the black box over the security fence where it is quickly retrieved by Renaud. Kiyoko, Bob and Nikulitsa escape the Space Center a few hours later through various subterfuges.

Renaud flees back to Austin alone with Edwards vampiric head-in-a-can and the flight recorder, planning to report in at the hidden Delta Green office in the UT tower. Renaud is burned by the secret FBI organization and barely escapes the campus by instigating a student riot which unfortunately gains a lot of news coverage. Renaud’s pixellated likeness appears in some of the security camera footage that makes its way into the hands of media outlets.

Knowing there must be a radio/GPS transponder in the flight recorder, Renaud rents a room in a cheap motel on the east side and shoves the black box out of sight into a connecting AC duct using a pole where it can retrieved from a room on the other side if necessary. Using a pay phone Renaud lets Kiyoko know where he has put the black box, then rents a different room with a view of the door to the first room, bandages up his burns and other wounds as best he can, and sets up surveillance. Within a few hours the expected black van shows up and shadowy figures retrieve the case.

  • Session 7

Renaud tails the Watchmen team to a drop location where the black-box is tossed into a dumpster. A gangster picks up the box a few minutes later and leads Renaud to an east side bar previously visited by the team…run by the East Side Souljas, obviously tools of the Watchmen splinter group. Renaud saunters inside and strikes up a conversation with the bartender who took delivery of the black-box. Renaud manages to convince the bartender that he is a Watchmen agent here to pick up the goods. Renaud takes the case to a nearby street where Bob, Kiyoko and Nikulitsa are waiting in the van. Nikulitsa quickly disassembles the box. Kiyoko retrieves all the data from the flight recorder…flight paths and multiple private landing sites around the globe, including a remote site in the Amazon Jungle and apparently a geostationary satellite about 36km up. Undoubtedly a space station packed to the viewports with vampires. The recorder data reveals that the Watchmen jet, apparently a transorbital rocket-plane, used hydrogen fuel in some form. Kiyoko tampers with the GPS transponder to insure the team will be able to track the box from here on out. Unknown to the rest of the team, Bob has planted an explosive inside the black box while Kiyoko and Nikulitsa were busy. Nikulitsa seals the box, leaving little trace it was ever opened. Kiyoko sneaks the black-box back into the dumpster behind the bar.

Unfortunately for some sanitation workers, it’s garbage day and the team tails the garbage truck to a landfill east of town. Three black vans pull up and 5 armed men jump out, kill the luckless garbage-men and retrieve the black box from the trashheap. The vans speed away, back to Austin-Bergstrom airport. Observing the airfield from a nearby hotel, the team collects data as the black-box is transferred to a waiting private jet. Unfortunately the team is not going to be able to receive the GPS signal from very far with the equipment they have on hand. This looks like the end of the road. Shortly after takeoff the jet disintegrates in a ball of flame…everyone looks at Bob, who is kicked back on the 6th story patio with a beer watching the show.

The FBI Delta Green agency is either a fake front for The Council, or otherwise compromised and useless. Perhaps our heroes never even worked for the real FBI. With all their support channels burned and the heat turned way up, our vampire hunters decide to throw in with ‘The Council’. The theory is that by working from inside one of the chief vampire organizations, we can learn their operating methods and organization, while at the same time eliminating ‘The Watchmen’ – a rebellious splinter group at odds with the Council. No one is comfortable joining forces with vampires, even as moles working toward their ultimate destruction, but there seems to be no better option at this point.

Renaud gives Nadya Kissin a ring and asks to be brought in with the rest of the team. Kissin agrees and 5 minutes later four 1st-class AirFrance/Aeroflot tickets from Austin to Moscow by way of JFK appear in Renaud’s inbox. Nikulitsa’s background should not be a problem…she betrayed the Ukrainians and not the Russians after all.

This brings us to a rather unpleasant episode…how to transport Edward’s vampiric head to Moscow, without tipping our hand to reveal this last potentially useful card. Bob acquires a large mastiff while Renaud ‘borrows’ a heavy duty meat-grinder/sausage-maker. In the form of a super-sized vampire-wurst, Edwards begins her journey through the digestive tract of Bob’s new ‘seeing eye dog’. If the erstwhile Austin Assistant City Manager didn’t have a reason to hate us before, certainly we’ve addressed that now.

During the flight Renaud continues his flirtation with the stunning brunette Kissin. Kiyoko continues her analysis of the data extracted from the flight recorder. Nikulitsa revels in the luxury of 1st class. Thus distracted, the team fails to notice the strange behavior of Bobs ‘seeing eye dog’, which in an apparent manifestation of vampiric power has seduced the flight crew and passengers into giving her all kinds of food and possibly vodka as well.

18 hours later the team is meeting with an elder of The Council by remote connection from a smokey Moscow bar. The Council elder finds the team’s methods and results-to-date promising and pending completion of at least 1 ‘loyalty’ mission, accepts our proffered services. The Council offers two missions. The first is an assassination op in the Ukraine targeting the new prime minister Arseny Yatseniuk, apparently a rebellious vampire in need of termination. The 2nd is a burglary op to retrieve an ancient artifact from a museum of antiquities in Moscow. The team chose the 2nd option as it could lead to additional knowledge about vampire history, sources of vampiric power, and the modern-day blood-sucker organization as a whole. Bob also gets in a question about vampirology, specifically “what happens when a vampires remains are ingested by someone or something living…”. The digitally masked voice of the Elder admits to ignorance of this arcane subject.

Meanwhile, Bobs huge hound-dog slurps vodka from a large bowl atop the bar while the adoring bartender scratches her behind the ears. After the meet, the dog takes Bob for a walk…within the half-hour a dozen strays are following their new-found master, and we don’t mean Bob. Its worth noting the hound’s natural bodily processes seem to be suspended and there’s been no indication of Edwards vampiric remains making an appearance at the nether regions of said pooch. Where this ends nobody knows, but clearly our intrepid heroes are exploring heretofore mysterious regions of Vampirology, perhaps to discover a whole new branch of this arcane science!


Good summary! An oddball question arose, what happens if this dog breeds? Assuming her parts still work…I am pretty sure that Bob didn’t have her spayed yet, lol. Would we have a whole litter of partially vampiric puppies? How cute would that be?!? :)

Night's Black Agents: Session 7

Yes we may have started a whole new race of ‘hell hounds’…kind of goes against our vampire-destroying ethos, but maybe they will be loyal to us? So far the mastiff is being nice, but i wouldn’t want to be alone with it. I really don’t expect this nice-dog routine to continue, but who knows!

Night's Black Agents: Session 7
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